Why Flyers (Posters) Are Still Relevant in Marketing Today

Even though the Internet has proven itself to be an outstanding and essential marketing tool in recent years, the use of flyer-based marketing still remains constant.

Physical Presence

People tend to prefer having something physical they can actually hold and feel. It helps remind them of your brand when the appropriate time comes better than a piece of data that could be easily lost or forgotten about.

Customizable Content and Delivery

The other aspect that foregrounds flyers as a major marketing investment is how they can be customized for the appropriate audience, both in terms of the content they contain and how they are delivered.

With flyers, you get to decide how they are sent out to people, whether they are delivered to homes, on the street, or even at an event. By doing this, you can target the most ideal audience who will be receptive to your message. The personal touch that comes with flyer distribution can lead to greater results in the long run over a mass email delivery.

Cost Effectiveness

Flyers are also one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business. They can be mass produced on a modest budget, especially with wholesale printers offering high quantities at low rates. Owprint offer different types of stocks and finishes on flyers. This allows you to choose the type of product most suitable for your needs and budget.


Contrary to popular belief, flyers are still highly relevant in today’s marketing campaigns because of their physical presence, customizable delivery, and cost effectiveness. Companies still rely on flyers for these reasons and more, proving that they do work and are likely here to stay for many more years to come.

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