Several Options For Wedding Invitation Printing

Are you preparing for your wedding?

Ordering your wedding invitation printing card? If yes, remember the type of print always plays a big factor in the cost! Here in this post you will get a short comparison to understand everything in details.


If you want to create formal invitations then engraving is always a good option for you. As this is a traditional printing method you can easily feel the pressed letters on the pack of the paper. This is the most costly printing option you have.


If you want a good alternative to engraving then thermography is the best option. It’s less expensive than engraving and the raised lettering shines and never presses through back of the paper. 


Lithography printing is also good for wedding cards as it uses ink and doesn’t raise lettering. It costs less than both thermography and engraving printing option.

Laser type 

If you are on a tight budget then laser type printing is always the best option for you. You can easily create laser printing invitation card in your home or any professional shop. If you want to prepare your own invitation card by laser printing then remember to go with high quality blank invitation forms and use an easy to read but stylish font. This is the most attractive and currently one of the best print on demand among people.


If you want to personalize or need a small intimate occasion invitation then you can also go with hand written invitations. You can also use it on both formal and informal wedding invitations.

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